Wednesday, 2 May 2012

How to Activate IDM (Full Forever) without Cracks and Patches

Activate IDM (Full Forever) without Cracks and Patches

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My last Tutorial was about: How to Uninstall IDM Completely ??If u want to register IDM than first remove the previous one and it's registeries by followingHow to Completely Remove IDM [No More Fake Serial Pop-Ups].

Installation IDM

Activating IDM [Full Version]

After Activation Open IDM.. Open Registration Tab
1. First Download the IDM from the given Link . Download IDM
2. Open the setup file.
3. Just do Next Next and Install it.
4. After installation don't restart the PC.
5. Cancel this window if appears.

1. Go To Folder:   C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
2. Copy the "hosts" File to the Desktop.
    There are two host files with that name.
    Check their properties by right clicking and select the one having filetype: File 
    Normally its the first one.

3. Open the file with Notepad.
    Copy paste these lines.      

    Than save the "hosts" file.

 4. Now Cut and Paste the File back to the:
     Move and Replace.
5. Now open the IDM from
Start Menu: All Programs > Internet Download Manager > internet download manager.exe

Registration Window Will Appear.
If not Go to Resgiteration Menu and Select Registration

Register the IDM with data from "AsjadRex-Keys.txt". Download Keys

IDM is activated.
Enjoy \../ !!

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